The Zylkene app—a new way to discuss behaviour in-clinic

Zylkene app

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Understanding behaviour in pets can be a complicated issue but discussing behaviour shouldn’t be. If owners worry that their pets are “problematic” because they display unwanted behaviours, or if they struggle to recognise signs of anxious behaviours, the pet may suffer from lack of treatment.

Zylkene app

The Zylkene app is an interactive way for vets and vet nurses to discuss behaviour in cats and dogs with pet owners. The app consists of two questionnaires, one for dogs and one for cats, that both cover key aspects of behaviour. Developed with European behaviourist Dr Claude Beata, it allows clinic staff and owners to look at behaviour that takes both a practical and long-term approach. Each question covers day-to-day behaviours the owner sees in their pet but it can be taken multiple times over a longer period. The results are shown in a graph that clearly illustrates the animal’s progression over time, helping to encourage owners. Since behaviour can be slow to change this can serve as a great aid to compliance. 

Zylkene app

The app is only available for Apple at this stage and requires a login code that you can get from any of Vetoquinol’s Territory Managers, or the Business Excellence Manager. Vetoquinol will be in booth 116-177 at the 2019 AVA conference in Perth, so if you want to download the app to use in your clinic or just have a closer look, stop by! 

To obtain the access code contact Jim Angelis (Business Excellence Manager) on 0409 450 399.

You can also call Vetoquinol on 1800 032 355, or email Or visit Vetoquinal

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