The World Small Animal Veterinary Association members get discount drug app

The Timeless Tech app is available whoever you need it.
The Timeless Vet Drug Index is available whoever you need it.

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. have announced an educational partnership agreement that will provide WSAVA members around the world with affordable access to the Timeless Vet Drug Index™—a new drug formulary mobile app available on Apple and Android. The educational partnership agreement will be officially signed in September at the 39th WSAVA Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Timeless Vet Drug Index™ is a strictly evidence-based drug resource authored by Dr. Etienne Côté (Clinical Veterinary Advisor), Dr. Stephen Ettinger (Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine) and Dr. Wayne Schwark (Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, Cornell University). In developing Vet Drug Index, Dr. Etienne Côté’s goal was to give busy practicing veterinarians a convenient quality drug resource to empower their decisions.  “We wanted to have access to information that flows in a way that would be really fast and practical for a hectic day in the hospital,” says Dr. Côté.  “We worked hard to make it something that our friends and colleagues would like to use, and we tried to build in the things that we wanted or wished for but we couldn’t find in any other resource.”

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is a not-for-profit body, dedicated to enhancing the quality of veterinary care for companion animals around the world.  It works in key areas such as Continuing Education (CE), One Health and nutrition. Through its CE initiatives it aims to raise share members’ knowledge and experience globally, to support member associations, particularly those in developing countries, to run CE programs and to provide practical tools and templates to encourage best practice.

As a result of the education partnership, WSAVA members around the world will have access to the new drug formulary at a significant discount.  “Providing our members with affordable access to tools is an effective way to support them so we welcome this new educational partnership with Timeless Veterinary Systems,” says Dr. Siraya Chunekamrai, WSAVA Honorary Secretary.

According to John Rowe, President of Timeless, the Timeless mandate is to raise the game in veterinary medicine – an underserved market – with technology tools and world-class innovation. “It is our hope that reasonably priced, reliable and constantly updated resources like the Vet Drug Index are available to any veterinarian in the world with a smartphone or tablet computer. This educational partnership with the WSAVA is a major step in making this possible.”

WSAVA members can access their discounted subscription to the Timeless Vet Drug Index™ by visiting the Education Partnership section of the website.


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