The RSPCA launches new site to help keep cats safe and happy at home

stay-at-home cats
Photo: Sergiy Bykhunenko – 123rf

While felines have traditionally fallen into one of two CATegories—secure at home or free-range—a new campaign and website by the RSPCA highlights that cats are safest and happiest at home.

The RSPCA has launched its new Safe and Happy Cats website—packed with videos, animations and articles on the risks of roaming and perks of containment, as well as information on enrichment

“There are many significant benefits to keeping your cat safe and secure at home,” RSPCA Australia’s senior scientific officer Dr Sarah Zito said.

“By keeping your cat at home, you’re protecting them from the dangers of cars, other cats, toxins, dogs and getting lost. And you also get to spend more time with them and become even closer.

“There is also the added benefit of helping to protect your local wildlife,” Dr Zito added.


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