The Importance of Veterinary Lighting

veterinary lighting

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The right lighting can make all the difference, to you and to your patients. From the examination room to the surgery, good lighting is rarely noticed—but bad lighting can lead to critical errors. 

The best veterinary lighting equipment has mobility, energy efficiency, durability, and above all else, superior light quality. What do veterinarians look for in lighting? For most, the answer is quality construction and discreet performance. In these areas, SIMEON lights prove different to your average lighting.

High quality construction

SIMEON lights are gamechangers in their field, setting new standards for light yield, hygiene, and energy consumption. Perhaps most impressive is the patented reflector technology, allowing the latest generation LED lighting to perform at the best standard.

veterinary lighting

This patented technology is about quality and ease of use. SIMEON’s lights have been carefully developed to give the best possible quality of lighting, using less power, and with optimal heat dissipation—leaving your clinic cool and sterile, and making adjustments simple. This allows vets to concentrate on their work with no distractions from hot or unwieldy technology. What else does less heat guarantee? Longer life. It is that simple. 

The ideal lighting is seen, not felt. 

SIMEON lights are built differently. The lightweight aluminum body and extension arms make repositioning at a moment’s notice effortless. Perfect for surgical and examination settings that are as dynamic as veterinary patients are varied. SIMEON lights use scratch-proof, single-pane glass covers, allowing for the best possible light penetration, with less accidents when dealing with claws. Unlike most modern technology, SIMEON lights are designed to be upgradable, rendering them immune to obsolescence and ensuring that the lights you buy today will maintain their quality 10 years into the future. 

Elegant performance

The most seamless equipment goes largely unnoticed on your day to day, and SIMEON is a perfect example of long lasting, refined performance. SIMEON has a range of lights to make sure vets stay covered from the examination rooms to the surgery and everywhere in between. With over 20 years of providing and engineering lighting and medical solutions, SIMEON has spent time perfecting their equipment and continues to strive for quality. With a 5-year warranty on SIMEON’s LEDs, vets can feel comfortable knowing they are covered. 

For intricate operations, you want to feel as though your tools are an extension of yourself. SIMEON’s light provide the mobility, visibility, hygiene, and intuitive handling that leads to a seamless experience.

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