“The iM3 Vet-Tome offers a paradigm shift in the way we, as veterinarians, extract teeth in our patients”

Intraoral radiograph of tooth 404 (right lower canine) showing complicated crown fracture and lysis at the apex of this tooth, associated with pulp necrosis and apical periodontitis.

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“I got to use the Vet-Tome for the first time last week. I was extracting a lower caninein a Staffy dog—the nemesis for most practitioners. Normally, I would raise flaps on both the lateral and medial sides of the tooth. I would also remove bone on both sides of the tooth, and then with the use of luxators and elevators and a fair amount of angst, I

A post-operative radiograph is taken to confirm complete removal of the tooth with no iatrogenic damage to surrounding structures.

would extract the tooth with the fear of fracturing the lower jaw in the back of my mind. The dog would then be left with a fairly big hole as well as bone loss from the surgical extraction and the flap would then be sutured over this cavernous hole. I figured that hopefully in the future, something would arrive that would take away the fear, the sweat and sometimes the tears that have been associated with difficult extractions.

The future has arrived. The Vet-Tome is a mechanical periotome with 1-10 power settings that follows and cuts the periodontal ligament. It can be used 360 degrees around the tooth. The idea is that you normally do not

Vet-Tome in use

need to remove alveolar bone, but the Vet-Tome creates a space around the tooth and will loosen the tooth. In my hands, I then use elevators to elevate the tooth out of the socket, finally allowing for extraction forceps to finish the job. The hole that is left is much smaller than in a surgical extraction. The Vet-Tome gives you the ability to perform a truly minimally invasive extraction, which means more rapid socket healing and less pain for the pet. In my humble opinion, the Vet-Tome will be a game changer for the veterinary profession.” 

By Anthony Caiafa BVSc BDSc MANZCVS. 

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