The iM3 CR7

dental X-ray system

The unbelievable resolution of the CR7

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It’s the range of plate sizes and superior image quality that makes the difference!

Not all CR Dental X-ray systems are equal. The CR7 Vet has the largest range of high-resolution image plates including sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The size-5 plate measuring 5.7×9.4cm is the largest high-definition dental plate available and is a great addition for veterinarians requiring high-definition images for extremity or exotics. 

This large plate means fewer radiographs are required to take a full mouth and the large size means less retakes as you don’t miss the tooth you are trying to radiograph.

The CR7 Vet is a vet-specific dental X-ray system designed and manufactured in Germany and distributed worldwide by iM3. 

dental X-ray system

The CR7 Vet Dental X-ray

The excellent quality and superior-resolution images are a result of the high-resolution 25 lp/mm, Laser spot 12,5um, 1270dpi.

The CR7 is easy to operate thanks to the veterinary-specific dental software, and the in-clinic training provided by iM3 on the use of the system and X-ray positioning means the clinic will be competent in its use from day one. 

iM3 handles every aspect of the installation, training and support. With over 2000 systems being installed worldwide, it’s the system of choice backed by a two-year warranty and unlimited iM3 direct support.

dental X-ray systemTestimonial 

“We took enough income in the first two weeks of dental month from extraction costs alone to pay for the dental X-ray unit and I have never charged a cent for taking the radiographs!” says Dr Karen Teasdale of Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery in Yamba, NSW.

“The increased revenue is simply from the increased work—the existing pathology that we were previously missing. I know that I sound like I work for iM3 now, but honestly, I am a complete convert,” continues Dr Teasdale. “My only regret is that I waited this long!” 

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