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Antinol® has become a keystone in osteoarthritis management protocols for hundreds of veterinary practices. As a nutraceutical, Antinol® is amongst the most researched and published non-drug compound in veterinary medicine today. Antinol® revolutionised the marketplace when we first launched it in 2018. Pet owners were so impressed with Antinol® that stories of their pets and how Antinol® had changed their lives forever were popping up all over social media. You can read more about some of these success stories on the Antinol® Facebook page (

And then came along the next generation Antinol® RAPID! Over recent months, more and more veterinarians have switched to the new Antinol® RAPID formulation, a formulation that was years in development and has surpassed all expectations.

Antinol® RAPID is the latest advancement of a multimodal approach to canine osteoarthritis management, offering veterinarians an effective, safe and versatile long-term option. Randomised controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Antinol®. Research is ongoing, with force-plate gait analysis alongside NSAIDs and investigations into other indications for skin, cognitive and respiratory support being a priority. Decades of published peer-reviewed research firmly establishes Antinol® and Antinol® RAPID as superior to other natural joint products. 

Antinol® RAPID includes a synergistic, anti-inflammatory blend of two extracts to create EAB-277™. PCSO-524® the active compound from Antinol®, is a marine lipid compound extracted from Green Lipped Mussel Powder via Supercritical Fluid Extraction. Antinol® RAPID contains PCSO-524®in addition to a proprietary high-phospholipid extract from krill via the same process. Whilst effective anti-inflammatory compounds in their own right, laboratory studies have proven that the synergistic blend of EAB-277™ in Antinol® RAPID represents a more potent anti-inflammatory combination, more effective than either product alone. 

Antinol® RAPID has no known contraindications, therefore it can be combined with NSAIDs, Injectables or other pharmaceuticals and supplements for enhanced case management options and long-term patient support. It is also widely used under recommended dosage by dog owners focused on wellness and optimal health. Vets have also shared some successful off-label uses for Antinol®. Due to the unique combination of lipids and absence of any allergenic proteins in the patented active compound EAB-277™, the product is being applied by vets to manage skin and coat health as well as other inflammatory conditions. The use of Antinol® in cats has also been reported by vets, especially as an alternative or adjunctive therapy for NSAIDs in many patients. Antinol® use in cats is considered off-label in Australia, but it is used widely in overseas markets. 

Antinol® RAPID is breaking new ground and delivering even better results for veterinarians and pet owners alike. Antinol® RAPID remains proudly a veterinary exclusive product and unlike the original it has no human equivalent.

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