Taxi service takes pets to vets


With Australians working longer hours than ever before, it is often their pets that suffer the consequences—annual vaccinations are missed, grooming appointments get further apart, and desexing is put on the back burner because owners literally do not have the time to make a trip to the vet.

Which is where PetCloud comes in, an Australian-owned and run website launched last year to help pet owners manage the lives of their pets more easily.

With thousands of pet care service providers across the country, the website now even offers Pet Taxi.

It works like Airbnb. Time-poor and stressed out pet owners join PetCloud for free, then simply search the online directory in their location to make a taxi booking. The driver (whose driver’s license has been verified by PetCloud) will have created a listing on the website with information about the service they provide and their price. For example, a round trip—including both the pick-up and drop-off— to the premises of the vet or groomer might cost around $30.

When you consider what is at stake—say, an unvaccinated pooch or pussycat putting them at risk of preventable disease— it is a small price to pay.

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