Take your dog to work

Copyright: amaviael / 123RF Stock Photo

Petplan Australasia is encouraging Australian businesses—and this includes veterinary practices—to get involved in Take Your Dog to Work Day (also known as TYDTWD), being held today, Friday 23 June, in Australia and around the world.

Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace can reduce stress levels, increase productivity and improve workplace relationships. Petplan Australasia encourages its employees to bring their pets into the office on a regular basis, finding it boosts office morale and lowers stress levels.

The 2016 Petplan Pet Census showed that only 7.3 per cent of respondents take their pets to work, yet more than half worry about leaving their pet at home alone. The aim of the day is to celebrate the companionship dogs provide and encourage adoptions from shelters and rescue groups.

Petplan have partnered with Royal Canin to run a photo competition on Facebook for a week following TYDTWD, in hope to get more companies on board with the initiative.


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