Program speeds up founder diagnosis in horses

founder23-year-old Arabian Stallion with PPID, EMS and chronic laminitis with (L-R) equine medicine specialist, Dr Allison Stewart; equine surgery specialist, Dr Albert Sole-Guitart; and master farrier, Craig Jones.

An educational program is helping horse owners and vets recognise and treat two hormonal conditions that are the most common causes of founder. University of Queensland researcher Dr Allison Stewart said the program could help reduce the impact of founder, or equine […]

Recycling initiative helps horses sleep easy

horse bedding

  Horses are sleeping easy at the University of Queensland VETS Equine Specialist Hospital thanks to a sustainability initiative. The Agribedding project transforms used cardboard boxes—from UQ’s Gatton campus and beyond—into bedding material for horses and foals. “From an environmental perspective […]

Equine obesity a growing issue for vets and horse owners

Equine obesity is becoming more common in global equine populations, leading to greater incidence of laminitis.

Equine obesity is an increasing but under-recognised welfare issue both in the UK and globally, states new research from the Animal Health Trust (AHT) recently published in the Equine Veterinary Journal. Data collected from 785 horses and ponies (31% of […]

Discovery of Australian bat lyssavirus in horses poses further threats to human and animal health

ABLV has been discovered in Australian horses, and both vets and other domestic animals are susceptible

The confirmation of the first two cases of Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) in horses last year has highlighted the need for greater awareness of the disease in all domestic animals. A rabies-like virus, ABLV had previously only been detected in […]

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