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APVMA relocation decision questioned

stocktributor / 123RF Stock Photo

Last week’s announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority will relocate to Armidale as early as March 2017 is of concern, according to a statement published on the Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) website. […]

An obesity crisis

According to the University of Sydney’s Prevalence of Obesity in Dogs report, the occurrence of overweight and obese dogs across Australia was 41 per cent.

Just like humans, studies reveal the average Australian family pet is getting fatter. A simpler approach to diet, however, might be just what the doctor ordered. John Burfitt reports It is one conversation in the clinic with the pet owner that most […]

Breathalyser could help diagnose animal and ocean health

Scientists capture a dolphin’s breath from its blowhole using a tubular instrument and then analyse it for signs of health problems. Credit: American Chemical Society

Alcohol consumption isn’t the only thing a breath analysis can reveal. Scientists have been studying its possible use for diagnosing a wide range of conditions in humans—and now in the beloved bottlenose dolphin. In a report in the ACS journal […]

CSIRO Hendra Virus Research Team wins Eureka Prize

The immunohistochemistry laboratory within the centre suite in the microbiologically secure section of CSIROs Australian Animal Health Laboratory. Photography: Livestock Industries. Source: CSIRO Science Image

Winners of the 25th Australian Museum Eureka Prizes were announced on Wednesday, 10 September, and the CSIRO’s Hendra Virus Research Team came out on top for the achieving the first vaccine and treatment against Hendra virus, and first vaccine against […]

Global snapshot of infectious canine cancer shows how to control the disease

CTVT is an endemic in dogs all over the world.

While countries with dog control policies have curbed an infectious and gruesome canine cancer, the disease is continuing to lurk in the majority of dog populations around the world, particularly in areas with many free-roaming dogs. This is according to […]

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