Symposium connects vets around the world


Hill's Global SymposiumIn what is a world first, a symposium being held later this month in Portugal by Hills Pet Nutrition, will be accessible free of charge to veterinarians, veterinary nurses and veterinary students anywhere in the world through a unique 24-hour educational livestream.

The theme of this year’s Hill’s Global Symposium is ‘Adventures of Ageing: Early Chronic Kidney Disease & Growing Older.’

Veterinarians are treating an ever-increasing number of elderly dogs and cats, many of whose lives have been prolonged through advances in veterinary medicine. Helping these animals age healthily is a rapidly growing area of practice and one in which nutrition plays a key role.

Symposium participants will hear from veterinary experts from around the world who will discuss the implications of recent research into aged dogs and cats by Hill’s, early chronic kidney disease and the key role of nutrition in increasing both quality and length of life.

With ‘fake news’ and ‘Dr Google’ causing confusion among some pet parents, speakers will also advise on strategies to debunk potentially misleading and inaccurate information and give practical advice on optimising practice performance through the use of social media and e-commerce.

The Hill’s Global Symposium takes place on  27-28 April in Lisbon, Portugal, and will be attended by 200 veterinarians from more than 30 countries.

In addition to the livestream, the symposium will be available for on-demand content between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2019. Delegates attending in person will also be able to review lectures they attended and share them with colleagues.

“The Hill’s Global Symposium aims to inspire and educate veterinarians and veterinary health care team members to use nutrition to improve pets’ lives,” Hills chief professional veterinary officer Dr Jolle Kirpensteijn said.

“It is already a highlight of the global world CE calendar but, for 2018, we are taking it to a whole new level with the unique 24-hour educational livestream.  This will enable us to create an opportunity for veterinarians anywhere in the world to join us for a stellar educational experience directly from the comfort of their clinic or home.”


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