Supporting every member of our VetPartners community is important to us.

VetPartners education
Ongoing education and support are just two of the services offered by VetPartners.

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Education for our teams

At VetPartners, we provide our vets and nurses with outstanding training programs and learning experiences. We offer structured clinical and leadership training courses and ongoing guidance for our practice managers and clinical leaders.

We encourage our team to take advantage of the opportunities available across our diverse family of clinics and hospitals throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. There is a wealth of experience across our hospital network, allowing us to foster mentorship programs.

We provide support and education at all levels

Our support starts at the pre-graduate level with sponsorship and career advice for budding new vets. Our new graduate training program makes the transition from university to practice seamless, and we ensure our new grads are fully supported. We provide practice management and clinical leader workshops to help support our management teams as well as providing meaningful pathways for career progression. 

We offer several online education options through our learning management system, the NEST, as well as VIN and Veteducation membership for all of our hospitals. Plus, we provide clinical training programs for all nurses and vets with workshops covering topics such as dentistry, clinical pathology, dermatology, animal handling, surgery, ultrasound and general nursing skills.

Freeing you up to focus on medicine

We hear from our clinic owners that they want to stay active in their business while taking advantage of our range of resources. Learning and development is a continual process, and we understand that you may not have the time to invest in growing your team members skills and knowledge, or you may not know where to start. That’s why we have a variety of programs to help take that pressure away, allowing you to focus on what you do best, practice medicine.

Ensuring your teams are looked after

Caring for your team is likely to be high on your list, we know this based on owner feedback. If you choose to take part in our learning and development programs, we can work together to develop an action plan to get the most out of our workshops. Our wellness program is specifically designed to help keep your team engaged and healthy, with access to an employee assistance program (EAP) for all team members. 

Listening to our clinic owners 

We are confident we deliver as promised.  Our learning and development programs are just a small part of what’s available through VetPartners. You and your practice get to be part of a collection of individual businesses under one supportive umbrella whilst retaining your clinic’s legacy. We would love for you to talk to any of our owners; we believe it’s essential that you hear about their experience firsthand. You are welcome to pick an owner at random, alternatively we can provide you with some contacts. 

Have a confidential chat to our team today! To kick start the process we’d love to hear from you. Our Acquisitions Director, Kristy, is ready to chat when you are.

Call Kristy Murphy on 0411 292 299 for a confidential discussion today.


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