Support grows to provide equal access to veterinary medicines


veterinary medicines

The World Veterinary Association, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and the Federation of Companion Animal Francophone Veterinary Associations have all thrown their weight behind a campaign led by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association to secure equal access to veterinary therapeutics for veterinarians around the world.

Ten WSAVA member associations have also endorsed it.

The WSAVA’s new Therapeutics Guidelines Group (TGG), which spearheads the campaign, has also appointed its first Chair, Dr Luca Guardabassi—a Professor of One Health Antimicrobial Resistance at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

In a survey of its members conducted by the WSAVA during 2016-2017, 75 per cent of respondents confirmed that problems in accessing veterinary medical products hampered their ability to meet the needs of their patients and 20 per cent assessed the impact of this issue as resulting in a severe restriction on their ability to provide a high level of care.

The WSAVA launched its campaign earlier this year to tackle these problems and is calling on all of its member associations to endorse its Position Statement on the issue and to support its campaign. It is also calling on other veterinary associations to become co-signatories of the Position Statement.

“Difficulty in accessing therapeutics to treat patients is a critical issue for companion animal veterinarians in many parts of the world,” Dr Guardabassi said.

“It causes huge frustration and means that many thousands—probably millions—of animals do not receive optimum care.  It’s a situation which requires urgent change and we are determined to bring this about.

“We’re delighted that so many veterinary associations are supporting our campaign and are now preparing for a high-level summit meeting which will be held during WSAVA World Congress in Singapore in September,” Dr  Guardabassi added.

“At this meeting, we will bring together stakeholders from around the world to discuss the issues and recommend practical solutions.”


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