Assistance dogs need our support

assistance dogs

This week is International Assistance Dog Week (4-11 August) and PETstock Assist is taking the opportunity to urge Australians to learn more about the important work of assistance dogs, as well as support Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA). 

The organisation trains dogs to help people with autism, PTSD and disabilities, providing them with greater freedom and independence. 

PETstock and their charity arm, PETstock Assist, have been supporting ADA for six years, with the majority of donations coming directly from team members through PETstock’s workplace giving program.

It takes two years to train—and costs more than $35,000 to provide—a qualified assistance dog completely free of charge to clients across Australia. ADA has around 200 people on its waiting list (with an estimated waiting time of up to two years) to receive a dog, who will then have an average working life of eight to nine years before retiring with a loving forever family.

“The work assistance dogs do and the difference they make to their human’s life is remarkable,” PETstock charity coordinator Jessica Guilfoyle said.

“However, ADA rely purely on donations from the public to fund the training, care and placement of assistance dogs.

“That’s why this August 4-11, PETstock Assist is urging Australians to learn more about the important work of assistance dogs and support ADA through donations, fundraising or volunteering.”  


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