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A healthy digestive system supports every aspect of a horse’s health. Time constraints of owners, lack of pasture access, high concentrate diets and the desire to keep horses in top form for competitions have drastically changed the way today’s equines are managed. These management changes put increased stresses on the horse leading to gastrointestinal issues. Horses that are uncomfortable due to gastrointestinal issues might not be able to enthusiastically perform and are sometimes marked as “untrainable”.

SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program provides a natural approach to managing optimal equine digestive health across the entire equine gastrointestinal tract by improving nutrient absorption, balancing blood sugar levels and increasing performance in horses. It is ideal to include in any equine wellness program and be used up to and on the day of competition.

The natural ingredients in this simple, daily nutritional supplement have been carefully selected, produced and formulated to work together to provide the nutritional support for the health of the entire digestive tract.

Oat oil

The oat oil in SUCCEED® is specially extracted to retain a high concentration of polar lipids which assist with nutrient absorption and strengthen the integrity of the mucosal brush border in the intestine.

Oat flour

The oat flour in SUCCEED® is from a high bran and low starch content oat. It is specially processed to retain a high concentration of beta-glucan, a polysaccharide known to regulate blood sugar and reduce the post-prandial glycemic spike by 50 per cent. Beta-glucan is also a potent immune stimulator and physically creates a gel matrix layer on the mucosal surfaces which slows transit time for more complete digestion.


The strain of yeast used in SUCCEED® is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The yeast is rich in mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), beta-glucan and nucleotides. MOS supports a balanced micro-flora and healthy immune system response. Nucleotides are essential to cell growth and repair and help maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Beta-glucan is known for the ability to absorb mycotoxins.


A healthy immune system requires an adequate supply of L-Glutamine in order to function properly. L-Glutamine is considered “Conditionally Essential” during periods of metabolic digestive stress. It provides fuel for intestinal epithelial cells. It also strengthens the mucosal barrier, decreases the amount of pathogenic bacteria released in the bloodstream and assists with nutrient absorption. Deficiency causes diarrhoea, villous atrophy, mucosal ulceration and leaky gut.


L-Threonine is an essential and limiting amino acid necessary for GI tract health. It is useful to treat stress, promote wound healing and immunoglobulin production. L-Threonine plays an important role in the production of mucin. Deficiency in L-Threonine causes slowed regeneration of GI tissues and decreased mucous production.

Internal studies have shown that SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program had great outcome results when given to mares to increase their IgG colostrum levels, using it to reduce squamous gastric ulcer severity in thoroughbred horses and increasing healthy growth rates in standardbred horses at weaning.

The SUCCEED® formulations come in oral paste syringes and granules. With just one serving of SUCCEED® once a day, every day with regular feed, this will help to keep horses performing at their best.

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