Study shows quality of life improves on 4CYTE™

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More than 90 per cent of dogs showed improved quality of life in a new study of joint health nutraceutical, 4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs.

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Australian Veterinary Journal, assessed the efficacy of the product, containing—as a standalone—the proprietary plant extract, EPIITALIS®, in dogs presenting with signs of osteoarthritis (OA).

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs is researched, developed and manufactured by Australian joint health company, Interpath. The anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects of Interpath’s equine formulation, 4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE for Horses, on articular cartilage has been investigated both in vitro and in vivo.

A total of 46 dogs were included in the study and assessed against both:

  • Objective lameness (TPI% [total pressure index]) using the validated GAITRITE Portable Walkway System; and
  • A Subjective quality-of-life questionnaire, the Helsinki Chronic Pain Index (HCPI).

The results showed that EPIITALIS®  as a standalone active led to TPI% improvements in 74 per cent of dogs with clinical OA. In addition, 93.5 per cent improved their subjective HCPI scores by at least five per cent.

Furthermore, 71% of dogs that demonstrated improvements in both the walkway and questionnaire were also on concurrent OA medication, supporting “the hypothesis that 4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE was able to provide efficacy that added to any benefit being provided by ongoing OA-related interventions”

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE for Dogs customer Rhian Cher Miles values the research behind the product, its compatibility with other medications and flow-on benefits to her dog, Kreuger.

“We want to see results quickly, and to be able to use use the product alongside other medications on a daily basis without the negative side-effects,” she said. “Our senior boy can now stop using NSAIDs daily—his liver and kidneys are very thankful.”

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