Soft Edge Surgical Spoon – Faecal/Bladder


surgical spoonby Dr Rachel Kirchheimer, Glenhuntly Road Veterinary Clinic, Glenhuntly, VIC

Cystotomy is a surgical procedure that we undertake quite frequently at our practice. It’s pretty straightforward but sometimes it can be difficult to remove all of the calculi from the bladder. This spoon makes the procedure much easier.

What’s good about it

A lot of cats and dogs develop stones and while some are large and easy to remove, some are so small it looks like bits of gravel in their urine. This spoon has a long handle and nice smooth edges on the scoop. It makes it easy to get into the neck of the bladder and the proximal urethra and remove all of the calculi.

The spoon we used previously had a head that was too large and a handle that was too short to work effectively. This one is beautifully designed so it’s just the right size with enough curve and scoop to pick up the tiny stones without traumatising the bladder.

The spoons come in a range of different sizes and can be autoclaved for easy sterilisation. Whenever I’m performing a cystotomy, I immediately reach for the extra small size spoon and it works perfectly.

What’s not so good

I really don’t think there is a negative to this instrument. It’s a well-made piece of equipment that does what it is supposed to do. It’s nice to find something so simple that it actually makes the job a lot easier.

Where did you get it



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