SK-600IB infusion pump


by Dr Susan Roberts, Mossman Veterinary Surgery, QLD

The SK-600IB infusion pump allows us to introduce a very accurate infusion of fluids to sick animals. It’s a vast improvement over the old gravity feed and is extremely easy to use.

What’s good about it
We can set the amount of fluids we want to have infused from the bag and it will deliver that amount very accurately. Once the infusion rate for an animal has been calculated, the amount is programmed in and the pump administers it. An alarm sounds if anything goes wrong, such as air in the line or a blockage, so we are free to move onto other things. It’s a vast improvement on constantly checking the bag and counting drops.

If an animal has low blood pressure or terrible veins, the pump allows us to administer fluids fairly quickly. It’s also possible to increase the rate if it’s needed. The pump keeps a record of the fluid infused, the fluid to be infused and the drip rate. It has a low range that’s suitable to be used with birds.

We’ve had this unit for a couple of years and had no problems with it during that time. There’s virtually no maintenance, it takes any size line and is simple to use but very accurate. It’s also battery operated and can be moved from place to place. Charging the battery overnight will give enough power to run the pump all day.

What’s not so good
This is such a simple machine that I can’t really see any negatives. There are more expensive and more complicated infusion pumps on the market but we chose this one because of its simplicity. There’s actually very little that could go wrong.

Where did you get it
Whitley Diagnostic.


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