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How things have moved on in the last few years! Our dependence on onsite hardware and software is almost like looking into the distant past. Remember checking the back-up, making sure it would get you out of trouble? With dependable cloud-based alternatives, increasingly reliable broadband upload speeds, data storage and sharing have become mainstream. This is especially so when looking at medical imaging and DICOM storage. It started out as just X-ray images but as bandwidth and software as a service improved, we ended up with all modalities able to be sent and retrieved. Being able to share studies with radiology services, specialist centres and clients has become an expectation. What used to be difficult and clunky with exported JPEGs, CD or DVD copies and even USB drives is now as easy as selecting a study, clicking email, entering the recipients’ address and sending a link. Obviously, you get to select various permissions dependent on the receiving party. Being sure your day’s work is backed up to the cloud is easy. There are many offerings, some good and some not. The market has matured now, and the options have improved greatly in the areas of reliability, security, longevity and back-end sophistication. There are only a couple of veterinary-specific, well developed options. Integration with practice management systems and the modalities for data acquisition is increasingly important for productivity gains and smooth operations in most practices. To be at the leading edge, look for the suppliers who have been at the game for a long time, have an ever-evolving range of options with enduring support and service. Some make it hard and expensive, some make it simple, seamless and economical. 

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