Shock collars are bad

A shock collar is not the answer.
A shock collar is not the answer.

The Australian Veterinary Association says electronic collars won’t solve dog barking problems and make behaviour problems worse. AVA spokesperson Dr Katrina Ward said that while their dog’s behavioural problems can be concerning, owners should never resort to electronic collars as a solution.

“These collars may be referred to as e collars, shock or static collars, and owners may be advised to use them as a quick fix to barking problems.

“But make no mistake – these collars inflict pain, can cause friction sores and inflammation around the neck and will lead to more fearful, anxious and aggressive behaviour,” she said.

“It can also lead to learned helplessness as the dog shuts down all behaviours in order to avoid the shock. In some cases, incorrect fitting can result in punishing the dog when it’s not barking.

“These collars are a bad idea any way you view them and in some jurisdictions are illegal.”

The AVA is running a Polite Pets Month Campaign in March to help pet owners become aware of the best way to deal with behaviour problems in pets. For more information visit this page.


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