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veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia products
The “Use of Alfaxan in Cardiac Disease Patients” Library Piece.

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A balanced anaesthetic plan involves the use of individualised premedication, titrated induction agent(s), the selection of an appropriate maintenance agent, and also includes a multi-modal analgesia strategy. Throw in patient variation, differing procedural complexities, increasing owner expectations and knowledge, and it becomes no easy task. 

With this in mind, it is vital to have well trained staff in your practice who are familiar with the ins and outs of anaesthesia and analgesia. Jurox®, manufacturer of Australia’s number one anaesthetic induction agent Alfaxan® and a growing family of analgesic products, knows that anaesthesia is about more than just sending a patient to sleep, then waking it up again. Anaesthesia is a multi-faceted procedure, and Jurox is committed to supporting the improvement of anaesthesia in both healthy and sick animals. Jurox supports their Anaesthesia and Analgesia family with resources and in-clinic training which can be customised to the particular needs of the practice. 

With this in mind Jurox is proud to present our NEW addition to the Alfaxan Library to assist vets in the “Use of Alfaxan in Cardiac Disease Patients”. This library piece includes a quick reference guide to anaesthetising cardiac patients, as well as details about the physiological considerations  and anaesthetic considerations for these high risk patients. If you are attending the AVA Conference in Perth this year, come and see us at our stand and pick one up.

veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia products
Jurox is committed to supporting best practice anaesthesia in Australian clinics, reflected by a growing range of veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia products.

Suited to both vets and nurses, and created by our knowledgeable Technical Services Veterinarians, this library piece is designed to answer your questions and concerns regarding anaesthetising patients with cardiac disease, while also aiming to help improve anaesthesia knowledge in your practice.

Alfaxan Multidose is the newest addition to the Jurox Anaesthesia and Analgesia family. It combines the  reliability of Australia’s number one anaesthetic induction agent Alfaxan  with the versatility that comes with an extended shelf life of 28 days after first opening.  Like Alfaxan, it consistently produces rapid, controlled, and short-acting induction of anaesthesia in dogs and cats with minimal impact on cardiac and respiratory function. Alfaxan Multidose also has a wide safety margin and is rapidly cleared, resulting in smooth and clear-headed recovery.

Jurox offers a range of training and educational tools across their entire range of products. 

If you would like to find out more, book an Anaesthesia training session by visiting our stand 70/71 at the AVA Conference in Perth or get in touch with your Jurox Territory Manager.

You can call Jurox on 1800 023 312.

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