Shedding light on the complexities of anaesthesia

slipcase_detailers-2Appropriate premedication, smooth induction, stable maintenance, rapid recovery, and accurate analgesia are the goals of an integrated anaesthetic plan. Throw in patient variation, increasing procedural complexities, increasing owner expectations and knowledge, and it becomes no easy task.

However, staff training helps. Jurox, manufacturer of Australia’s number one anaesthetic induction agent Alfaxan® and a growing family of analgesic products, knows that anaesthesia is about more than just making an animal go to sleep. Jurox supports this growing range with resources and in-clinic training customised to the particular needs of the practice.

Developed by Jurox’ veterinary team, including members of the Anaesthesia and Analgesia Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, the in-clinic training presentation covers everything from risk assessment and minimisation, understanding premedicants, analgesics, and induction agents, to specific scenarios such as old, young and C-section patients.

Suited to both vets and nurses, and delivered by well-trained Jurox territory managers, the presentation is tailored to answering the questions and concerns of the practice, and helping to improve the everyday practice of anaesthesia. Dr Lynda Kitchin and the staff from Ballarat Veterinary Practice recently had the benefit of a Jurox presentation on C-section anaesthesia. “It was very good,” reported Dr Kitchin. “The session created a lot of thinking around anaesthesia and individual patients.” The Ballarat practice also said the session sparked conversation regarding the importance of analgesia and how best to administer it.

Complementing the presentation’s content is the other element of clinic support, the Alfaxan Anaesthesia Library. ‘The Library’ is a physical clinic resource containing information on getting the most out of Alfaxan, specific anaesthetic scenarios, and useful tools such as a Dose Guide of common peri-anaesthetic analgesics. For example, what should you do for a geriatric patient? How does the pregnant patient presenting for caesarean-section differ from the non-pregnant patient? Easy-to-read, practice-relevant information covering the entire anaesthetic process, with a quick reference guide for when you need a quick-time refresher, is presented in concise Library pieces. With regular new additions, the Library is a valuable clinic resource that keeps growing.

Jurox’ commitment to supporting best practice anaesthesia in Australian clinics reflects a growing range of veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia products. In recent times, Jurox has launched Methodyne® (methadone), Reliven®  (meloxicam), Medetate® (medetomidine), Butordyne® (butorphanol), Antipam® (atipamazole), and most recently Bupredyne® (buprenorphine).

If you would like to find out more, book a training session at your practice, or start your own Anaesthesia Library, please get in touch with Jurox on 1800 023 312 or contact your Jurox territory manager.

Bupredyne® is the only multi-dose vial of buprenorphine in Australia registered for both dogs and cats, and is the result of research dedicated to the veterinary industry.

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