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The superior imaging quality, user friendly workflow and portability of our extensive range of ultrasound systems makes them an essential diagnostic tool for the modern veterinary clinic. 

Sonography is a complimentary, multi-dimensional and dynamic imaging mode accessible to primary and referral practice. The detail provided makes it ideal for internal medicine investigations or to determine if surgical intervention is required.  A great example of this is differentiating mechanical from functional ileus in the vomiting patient such as a case seen recently by Dr Jennifer Judd of SA Veterinary Sonology. 

A 2yr old vomiting Labrador underwent survey abdominal radiography that was inconclusive with no obvious evidence of intestinal obstructive disease. Using her Mindray ultrasound, Dr Jen found several sonographic signs pathognomonic for mechanical ileus secondary to an obstruction with a linear foreign body. 

She found a fluid filled loop of small intestine with intraluminal dilation and serosa to serosa diameter of 2.82cm where > 1.5cm is suggestive of mechanical ileus due to obstruction distally (Sharma et al. 2011). Plicated loops of intestine were also observed distally with a foreign body identified sonographically (pictured) as the hyperechoic intraluminal lesion inside bunched intestines (above the lesion) with distal acoustic shadowing (below the lesion). An exploratory laparotomy was performed based on these findings and a linear foreign body was successfully removed with the patient recovering uneventfully. V 

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