RSPCA release new worming products


RSPCA animal health wormersNow is the chance for you to ‘give a little, get a little’—or so the saying goes.

The RSPCA has released two wormers as part of their RSPCA animal health products range. Working alongside IndyVet, the RSPCA has created an allwormer (for cats and dogs) and a heartwormer (for dogs).

A portion of profits from the sale of every RSPCA animal health product will go towards supporting the RSPCA’s community works. The collaborators hope that consumers will appreciate being ‘Twice the Pet Hero’, being able to both fund the RSPCA while caring for the health of their pets.

Heather Neil, RSPCA Australia CEO, is looking forward to the impact the range will have for pet owners.

“The RSPCA is delighted to be working with IndyVet to bring this range of products to Australian pet owners.”

IndyVet CEO and chief veterinary officer, Dr Mark Perissinotto, was equally pleased, particularly with the strong consumer demand already seen by the range and reiterated IndyVet’s commitment to the RSPCA mission.

“We’re incredibly aware of the trust Australian pet owners put in the RSPCA,” said Dr Perissinotto. “All involved have worked hard to ensure that the safety, quality and effectiveness of the RSPCA Animal Health Products are comparable to the leading brands in the market, while also giving Australian pet owners an affordable and accessible option for regular parasite prevention”.

It’s looking like these new products are only the beginning for the charity team-up. With more products set to be released in the coming months, the RSPCA and IndyVet are asking for vets and owners to spread the word and help Australia’s animals.

“For everyone’s benefit, it’s important that we get the word out that the products are available—and, by using them, Australian pet owners can be ‘Twice the Pet Hero’.”



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