RSPCA NSW welcomes parliamentary inquiry findings

animal cruelty legislation
Photo: Zhang Yongxin – 123rf

RSPCA NSW welcomes the NSW Government response to the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the administration of state animal cruelty legislation including its support of RSPCA NSW’s role in enforcing the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (POCTAA). 

“This inquiry reinforces the relevance of RSPCA NSW in enforcing POCTAA, and we are pleased that the NSW Government has seen fit that our Inspectorate continues their vital work,” RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman said.

“We welcome the recommendations made which we hope will build on the special skills, strengths and expertise our Inspectorate has developed over the last 90 years.”

“The inquiry has also put a spotlight on animal cruelty laws in NSW and what needs to be done to improve the welfare of animals in our state, and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide valuable insight into RSPCA NSW’s critical role in that,” Coleman added.

The report made the following recommendations which can be viewed here.

RSPCA NSW remains committed to the mission of preventing cruelty to animals and promoting animal welfare and looks forward to working with the NSW Government, enforcement agencies and the community to achieve these goals in the interest of all animals.


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