Review panel needs to focus on future vision for agvet chemical regulation

agvet chemical regulation
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Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) has provided a submission on behalf of the animal health industry on the Draft Final Report of the Independent Review of Agvet Chemicals Regulatory Framework.

AMA members account for over 90 per cent of veterinary medicines sales in Australia and as the registrants of animal health products, are well-versed in the strengths, and areas where improvement is possible of the current regulatory system.

“In setting up our system for the future, it is critical that elements of the current system that are working well are preserved, particularly the rigorous, scientific, risk-based assessments conducted by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA),” AMA executive director Ben Stapley said.

“The review should also fully assess opportunities for improvement across the entire agvet regulatory framework.

“As a major input to the livestock sector, veterinary medicines regulation will play an important part in helping Australian agriculture to meet its $100bn 2030 industry target. A strong regulatory system for veterinary medicines will protect the health and welfare of Australia’s 29 million pets.”

In considering the recommendations contained within the draft report, AMA is concerned the proposed changes to the regulatory system do not include an implementable package of reforms that will progress the interests of all stakeholders and meet the Review’s Terms of Reference. Of the 139 draft recommendations, AMA currently supports 11, with another 50 recommendations requiring significant additional analysis.

“In finalising the report, AMA encourages the review panel to again consider how Australia’s systems and frameworks can best accommodate and incorporate multilateral and plurilateral systems while protecting the high regulatory standards that Australian consumers, pet owners and communities expect,” Stapley said.

“Throughout the review process, AMA has consistently presented information about Australia’s animal industries, our operating environment and the need to remain consistent with best practice regulatory systems. I urge the panel to consider this context as it finalises its recommendations.

“Animal Medicines Australia urges the panel to commit to the principles of best practice regulation to ensure that its recommendations, should they be accepted by government, maximise the net community benefit and provide a driver for investment in animal health innovation in Australia.”


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