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Educate & Explore all uses of ACTIVET PRO

Educate & Explore all uses of ACTIVET PRO

Specialist training and support from J. Mark Strong, Veterinary Director, Multi Radiance Medical

At REM SYSTEMS we strive to offer our clients the best information on their selected products; to this end, all our staff are fully trained in all technical and other benefits.

Smarter Technology, Smarter Choice


This month, J. Mark Strong will be visiting our head office and will be educating our staff on all facets of our new ACTIVET PRO. Some of the details that will be covered are:

Super Pulsed Laser (905nm) Infrared

The Super Pulsed Laser (905nm) provides high-powered light in 100 billionths of the second pulses that drive the photons, or light energy, deep into the target tissue without any harmful thermal effect.*

The energy delivered at 905nm is most efficiently absorbed by hemoglobin. More Hemoglobin reduction+increased circulation=more oxygen to the cells.

Pulsed Broadband Infrared (875nm) Infrared 

IREDs (875 nm) emit non-coherent infrared light and while it may penetrate less deeply into the body than the infrared super-pulsed laser, it offers a unique biological response. Photophysical changes at the cell membrane also occur. This improves circulation and alters the cell membrane permeability increasing the ability of the cellular membrane to drive the sodium-potassium pump and removing pain signals at the source. While laser light is monochromatic (single color), the IREDs used by Multi Radiance are broadband diodes. This is the ability to create a bandwidth ‘shift’ that can be up to 100 nm! This varying and constantly changing stimulus reduces the biological adaption to the light and further fills in ‘gaps’ of the therapeutic window.

Pulsed Non-Coherent Narrowband Red (640nm) 

All red photons, regardless of source (laser, SLDs, LEDs, etc.), are heavily absorbed by cytochrome c-oxidase and have higher amounts of energy than infrared photons. Therefore, the amount of energy necessary to stimulate the photochemical process with red light is far less than those for infrared. However, pulsing non-coherent red light penetrates only superficially (about 1-2cm) due to absorption in melanin. So while depth is limited, it makes red light ideally suited for superficial conditions. Red light exerts a very favourable therapeutic effect on the inflammatory process especially in tissues saturated with porous connective tissues.

Pulsed Non-Coherent Narrowband Blue Light (465nm)

Pulsing non-coherent blue light penetrates rather poorly, due to the almost complete absorption superficially. A photolytic release of NO from nitrosated proteins is observed indicating that they are light acceptors and signal transducers. This makes blue light therapies especially effective in treating MRSA, inflammatory skin conditions and other bacteria and viruses.

Static Magnetic Field (SMF) 

The static magnetic field of 35 mT assists in keeping photo-activated molecules in dissociated (scattered) state, thereby enhancing their potential activity and energy levels at both molecular and cellular levels. An example of this is where nitric oxide is photo-dissociated from cytochrome c oxidase. With other laser therapy devices, NO will rebind shortly after dissociation, the SMF assists with maintaining laser enhanced processes so the effects of the NO can be enhanced.

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*Data on file

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