RADINCON: over 40 years and still a family owned Australian company


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Always driven to perform to our bottom line of quality product, reliable service and honest advice Radincon is now a third generation family company. Long ago we realised we couldn’t be all things to all people so focused on becoming a specialist in imaging. We invested everything to gain knowledge, source product, develop, build and test many of our own products that can be locally supported and serviced. We added the best and most reliable brands from the imaging world to our range. The aim is to deliver the best value over time. That also means not necessarily the cheapest up front. Training and support are essential components always available in and out of hours, all the hours vets work. Ask any question, if we don’t have the answer we will find out. Committed to the market.

Call us now, let us look at what you have now and how we can assist you. Phone 1300 721 734
Email: radsales@radincon.com.au
Web: www.radincon.com.au

Radincon products
radincon products
radincon products


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