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While we have all been through a torrid year with Covid, the fundamentals of good business have shone through. We stick closer to the principle of providing only the highest quality equipment and support to the market. Sometimes a little overwhelmed by demand we do our best to provide support to our client family and then propose upgrades and new options. We still only have Canon as our DR panel supplier because they are simply the best available. 

We get approaches every week from second tier suppliers with a cheaper, better, faster DR. We resisted the temptation due to our own early experiences, watching others in the market struggling to extract a satisfactory image quality from and satisfactorily support those cheaper options. It’s back to the fundament that you tend to get what you pay for. If you can’t collect the data from the panel, your software can’t produce an image.

If your post processing software can’t process the collected data well enough, you can’t get an image that is as close to film quality was on its best day. You get the obvious advantage being able to adjust through the dynamic range, the 4096 layers of greyscale. There is still the reliability and longevity of the panel. 

We are fortunate to trade back panels that are over ten years old and resell them with up to three years warranty. We don’t see any other product we could do that with. While there may be a greater investment up front, the product will generally last twice as long and you get to enjoy and profit from a top-end, fast, reliable, easy to use, and well supported system. We don’t try to be the cheapest, just the best value today and over the long run.

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