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Hill's Global Pet Nutrition Center

Aeriel view of the state-of-the-art Hill’s Global Pet Nutrition Center.

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Stand number 94-97

Experience life as a pet partner at Hill’s Global Pet Nutrition Center in immersive 360° virtual reality tour

For the first time ever, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, has opened the doors to all pet lovers for a virtual reality tour of their Global Pet Nutrition Center in Topeka, Kansas, US.

We are opening the doors of the Global Pet Nutrition Center to share our passion and commitment to improving pet health and nutrition. With the Hill’s new virtual reality tour, you can experience the Pet Nutrition Center just like our pet partners do!

Hill's Global Pet Nutrition Center

The cat sunroom

Hill’s Global Pet Nutrition Center is a 180-acre state-of-the-art facility where a team of veterinarians and scientists conduct groundbreaking nutritional research and new product development.

More than 900 dog and cat pet partners live in Hill’s Global Pet Nutrition Center. The main responsibility for many of them is to participate in taste preference evaluations. Dogs and cats are offered different choices of food and can select whichever one they prefer.

When they are not ‘working’, the pets can play with their caregiver or roommates, or relax at will.

Hill'Global Pet Nutrition Center

Dog exercise park

The housing areas are designed to allow our pet partners choices in how they spend their day; they can play in an outdoor bark park with their caregiver and roommates, nap in the sunshine or rest indoors in their den. Hill’s believes that the ability to choose and have flexibility in how they spend their free time is important to their overall health and wellbeing.

The virtual tour includes visits to the dining and housing areas. It also explains how the pets help Hill’s scientists create food that delivers proven health and wellness benefits in a taste and form that the pets love to eat.

You can choose whether you want to be a dog or a cat, and then explore the facilities from a pet’s-eye view in an immersive 360° experience.

Please join us on the tour and see what life at the Pet Nutrition Center is like for our pet partners. Don’t miss this opportunity to put yourself in their paws at the Hill’s stand (94-97).

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