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The simple, affordable solution to introducing pets to home dental care. The Oxyfresh Gel and Water Additive are tasteless and odourless, so even the fussiest of pets will love Oxyfresh.

The ultimate eliminator of bad breath is a brilliant, non-toxic ingredient found in Oxyfresh’s revolutionary dental products – and nowhere else! Oxygene® (stabilised chlorine dioxide) is Oxyfresh’s registered name for the active, exclusive ingredient
that safely and efectively neutralises bad breath molecules at the source.

The mechanism of action of Oxygene® is through an oxidation-reduction reaction. It acts by oxidising volatile sulphur compounds, the molecules responsible for bad breath.

“Every patient who undergoes dental and oral surgery here at High Street Veterinary Surgery goes home with the Oxyfresh Dental Kit in their take home bag. Owners love that the Oxyfresh Gel can be used with or without brushing, making it easy to gradually introduce a daily brushing regimen to their pet and keep their teeth and gums healthy.”

Jocelyn Birch Baker BVSc (Hons)

Veterinarian and Owner, High Street Vet Surgery

Oxygene® is activated as the pH in the environment is lowered. When Oxygene® is introduced into the oral cavity, the acidity of the saliva activates the solution. The lower the pH of the saliva, the more activated the solution becomes. The greater the presence of bacteria, the more acidic the environment. The longer the solution is in contact with the oral tissues, the greater the activation and efectiveness.

Zinc Acetate

A unique and patented formula of Oxygene® and zinc acetate has been included in several Oxyfresh dental hygiene products, providing an even more powerful deodorising efect. Zinc is proven pharmacologically safe and efective in oral health products. The combination of Oxygene® and zinc helps to remove more of the diferent kinds of molecules that cause bad breath, making it extremely efective in fighting even the worst halitosis.

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Eliminates Bad Breath – At the source. We don’t just mask odours, we eliminate them with our exclusive ingredient, Oxygene®.
Healthy Smiles – Suitable for dogs and cats, fights tartar, plaque and gum disease.
Non-Toxic – Xylitol and Chlorhexidine free formulas to stop bad breath and slow
periodontal disease by promoting healthy teeth and gums.
Safe for All Pets – The perfect way to stop pet bad breath with no harsh chemicals, dyes, flavours or alcohols added. Cruelty free.
Tasteless and Odourless – Even the fussiest dogs and cats cannot detect it.
Efective – Our products work. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Veterinary exclusive.


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