Plans for new adoption centre


animal-shelterPlans are underway to open a second Pets Haven Foundation adoption centre and long-awaited, low-cost community veterinary clinic in Hume, Victoria in the next six months, according to a Herald Sun report.

Pets Haven founder Trish Burke said the registered charity was close to leasing premises and expected permits to be lodged and the complex operating by midyear.

The community vet clinic would provide affordable treatment as well as significantly reduce the $30,000 monthly vet bill for Pets Haven’s existing pro-life animal shelter in Woodend, which rescues and rehouses more than 2500 animals annually.

“We know that having our own veterinary clinic will significantly reduce our costs, enabling us to save the lives of more animals,” Ms Burke said.

“The clinic will focus on providing low-cost veterinary services that benefit the community and individual pet owners long term.

These services will include low-cost desexing, vaccinations, microchipping, flea and worming treatment and dentals.

We will also provide discounted services to all rescue groups and individuals who are involved within animal welfare.”

Ms Burke said the clinic, which will open seven days a week, with a 24-hour emergency service, would be able to provide training for those studying veterinary science, along with the 100 or so students who complete work experience each year at Woodend.

The new clinic and adoption centre is being funded entirely by donations and will cost about $200,000 to establish. Ms Burke said she was deeply moved by the level of community support.

“We have a huge social media following and so many people willing to give their time to help,” Ms Burke said. “Our priority is to give animals a second chance at family life, but this has gone beyond that — it’s not just about animals but about community spirit.”

Ms Burke said she still planned to also lease her 30 acre Sunbury property to Pets Haven in the next three to five years to establish a $1.2 million “super centre” housing 300 dogs, 200 cats, horses and a pound facility.

To make a tax-deductible donation, visit the Pets Haven website (


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