Pippa and Seymour’s walkathon for the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation

Pippa and Seymour.
Pippa and Seymour.

A little eight year old girl can make a big difference!  Pippa Lloyd of Ascot Vale, Melbourne wrote to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation about her decision to help raise money.

“Hi my name is Pippa, I feel sorry for the animals that have cancer like my dog Seymour did. I decided to do a walkathon with Seymour to raise money for animal cancer research. I would like some people to sponsor Seymour and me at either a set amount or to help get me further, an amount for each lap around the block. All the money will go to ‘The Australian Animal Cancer Foundation’ best friends for the best cure. Type this in for more information,  www.animalcancer.com.au

Eight year old Pippa and her seventeen year old brother Finn, took their dog Seymour up and down the streets near their home to ask for donations for Animal Cancer Research. Pippa developed her sense of compassion for animals from the day she was born. Her ‘take action’ approach has led to amazing achievements.  Pippa walked with five year old cancer survivor, Seymour, 8.8 km without stopping and raised the staggering amount of $1017.  The support that Pippa, Finn and Seymour have managed to raise through their own initiative is stunning. Pippa wants to open her own rescue centre one day and in her own words, “I am only 8 but I can still help the world”.

‘BVSC + The Animal Hospital’ and the ‘Australian Animal Cancer Foundation’ would like to sincerely thank Pippa, Finn and of course Seymour for their terrific efforts, and what a great outcome!


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