Pick up where you left off with the RAD-X DR CX1A

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We are happy to introduce the latest evolution in digital imaging from RADINCON. The RAD-X DR CX1A is a mobile or static digital radiology system designed to work with Canon’s new generation of high sensitivity wireless DR detectors and supports panel sizes up to 35x43cm. With our years of experience and close association with the original Eklin Medical Systems and now the market leaders at Vet Rocket, we have engineered the CX1A with highly optimised image processing algorithms that allow you to capture the highest quality diagnostic images, even with the most difficult cases.

The CX1A is built with its own wireless access point (WAP) to give you the best range and connectivity from workstation to panel. It has a high quality clinical review display with a built-in calibration sensor (IFS) for maintaining optimal user settings. A wide viewing angle and high brightness make this unit a full image capture and digital review workstation.

The updated capture software brings an improved level of functionality to the CX1A. You can pre-enter studies, suspend current studies, start an emergency study (and then enter or correct the patient details), and restart a study. You can apply different image algorithms, rename a study and the protocols (or body parts) in it, annotate your images and much more.

Once the images are captured and post processing is completed, the CX1A also has a built-in diagnostic viewer to make it a complete capture and review workstation. Merge eFilm is a widely used, stable and easy-to-understand DICOM Viewing Program. It provides all the base functions expected and many advanced features. Multi-study viewing, burning to CD/DVD/USB, DICOM send to your or outside PACS Servers, advanced measurement tools, save to JPEG and many other options and features.

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