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Photo credit: Dr Matthew Muir’s photography can be seen at

Movement, nature, art and the streets are inspirations behind the photography of Dr Matthew Muir of All Natural Vet Care in Russell Lea, NSW. Inteview by Frank Leggett

“With my very first pay cheque from working as a vet, I bought myself an entry-level DLSR camera. I had spent the past six years deep in science and the creative side of my brain needed something a little different. Initially, I worked as a locum and was fortunate to do quite a lot of travel over four years abroad. This was a great learning curve for a budding photographer.

“Digital photography can facilitate rapid development of skills based on the vast feedback. I literally took one million photos in four years. I would never have been able to afford to achieve this feedback with manual processing. After a few years, I upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark 3. I kept travelling and undertook a number of photography excursions.

“Some of the highlights included shooting the aurora borealis in Norway, living with and photographing Maasai communities in Kenya, event photography at the Royal Opera House London and documenting a European tour with an Australian band called Flyying Colours.

“My passion lies mostly in documenting the environment, specifically wildlife, as well as urban and street-style photography. My aesthetic usually involves muted tones and squared perspective.

“I actually became more interested in photography when I purchased a Macbook Pro and started playing around with the photo editing programs. It allows you to elevate photography and move it into an artistic realm. Sometimes I really exaggerate the image to a level way beyond photo realistic. 

“I’ve also photographed quite a few events in Sydney. Recent highlights include the season launch for the Ghanian-Australian ethical fashion label Yevu, Rufus Du Sol’s Australian tour and an event at Freda’s Bar during Sydney Fashion Week.

“After completing a Masters in Conservation Medicine, I’m hoping to combine my love of photography with my love of the environment. I intend to document the wildlife I encounter during my field work as an aid to creating awareness. 

“I’m also involved with a group called Planet Decent (, an organisation that acts as a social responsibility vehicle for veterinary practices in Australia and which supports wildlife conservation. Their website features some of my photography.

“Photography is an accessible, engaging art form that allows me to see beauty and be inspired by the environment. While it’s about capturing the moment, it’s also a way of journaling. Looking back at my photographs can be very self-reflective.”


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