Pheromones the key to harmonious pet relationships

pets pheromones
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Animal behaviour scientists from the UK have discovered that filling your home with appeasing pheromones could be the key to a happy household where both dogs and cats are living under the same roof.

The new research, led by Professor Daniel Mills and Dr Miriam Prior at the University of Lincoln—and published in Frontiers in Veterinary Scienceexplored the effects of two different pheromone products on cat-dog interactions in homes where owners could see room for improvement in their pets’ relationships.

The results show that both products used—Feliway Friends, which emits pheromones that are calming for cats, and Adaptil, which does the same for dogs—had a positive impact on the interactions between cats and dogs living in the same home.

Over a six-week period, both products led to a notable decrease in undesirable interactions such as dog chasing cat, cat hiding from dog, cat and dog staring at each other, and dog barking at cat. Users of Adaptil even observed a significant increase in some desirable behaviours such as friendly greetings between cat and dog, and time spent relaxing in the same room.

“Although we are all aware of the perceived tensions between cats and dogs, we believe this is the first study of its kind to explore the use of pheromone products to improve the relationship when the two species are living in the same household,” Professor Mills said.


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