Pet owner pays $2,500 flight for goat’s cancer treatment


03. goat 300WHEN Naomi Brigham’s best four-legged friend, Goatie, was struck down by a fast-growing cancer, she decided to do everything possible to save her.

This included paying for a $2500 one-way, 1376km flight from Cairns to Albany Creek’s Brisbane Veterinary Special­ist Centre (BVSC) for rare cancer surgery.

BVSC oncology specialist Dr Rod Straw said it was the first time anyone he knew of had operated on a goat to remove a tumour in its mouth.

“It was a pretty unusual request … it’s certainly not something you see every day,” he said.

The list of unusual animals treated at BVSC includes six koalas, a bearded dragon and two cockatoos.

He said surgery on the beloved pet, named Goatie, was complex because she was a ruminant – a creature with more than one stomach – which would affect the way veterinary staff could provide anaesthetic.

“You’ve got to make sure the fluid from the last stomach does not flow out into the lungs (under anaesthetic).”


*This story has been amended. BVSC has not treated any Tasmanian Devils. 



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