Pet food company relaunches product range

royal canin veterinary health nutrition

Royal Canin recently relaunched its entire portfolio of veterinary diets. Three original ranges Veterinary Care NutritionVeterinary Diet and Multifunction have now been consolidated into one simplified range: Veterinary Health Nutrition. 

“We are constantly looking to evolve our offer and provide the very best in nutrition,” veterinary marketing manager John O’Connor said. 

“We have simplified our ranges making it easier to navigate and choose the right product for each cat and dog, created a new premium pack design and developed our best veterinary nutritional solutions.

“It was imperative that we worked very closely with the veterinary community in making this bold transformation, so we consulted with vets and vet nurses, in addition to pet owners from across the world,” O’Connor added.

Veterinary Health Nutrition is organised around six core pet health needs, simplifying the nutritional management of pets with the following issues: urinary, dermatology, weight management, gastrointestinal tract, vital support and health management. 

The new and improved packaging has been designed to reinforce the veterinary practitioner’s expertise. It presents clear nutritional benefits, a compelling health nutrition story and easy-to-read feeding guidelines.

“We have been developing Veterinary Health Nutrition for over three years to ensure we provide vets with the very best nutritional solutions to answer pets’ needs,” O’Connor said. 

Royal Canin has 50 years of experience in animal nutrition, and continue to support the veterinary community by arming them with proven science and innovative nutritional solutions.”

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