Pet care company removes 16.7 tonnes of plastic packaging

pet care plastic packaging
Photo: Jamaica 123RF

Nestlé Purina Australia announced today changes to its pet accessories and health and hygiene packaging that will see the removal of approximately 16.7 tonnes of non-recyclable or unnecessary plastic each year.

A seemingly small but impactful change has been made to how Nestlé Purina Australia accessories—such as toys, collars and grooming tools—are secured to the backing card.

Previously, accessories have been secured with cable ties made from virgin nylon plastic, which cannot be recycled due to their size and weight.

These have been swapped for either bespoke paper ties or recyclable ‘origami style’ folded paper.

The move will see more than 3.3 tonnes of plastic ties being replaced with a recyclable material.

A further 13.4 tonnes of plastic packaging has been removed from the Nestle Purina Australia health and hygiene range, including flea and worming medication, as PET clamshell packaging is replaced.

The range now features RFID stickers and are packed in boxes made of recycled cardboard. The replacement of the clams has reduced 13.4 tonnes of plastic packaging each year.

“We are committed to ensuring that 100 per cent of our packaging is recyclable or reusable by 2025—while also reducing the amount of packaging we use in the process,” Nestlé Purina Australia general manager Nicole Battistessa said.

“To do this, our team has reviewed every piece of packaging, across every product, to assess every material we use—and have challenged our existing packaging designs. Every change we make, no matter how seemingly small, is a step in the right direction.”


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