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Protect your pet and your family

Your clinic plays an important role in providing expert advice and designing a suitable parasite control program for your clients, their pets and their families. An effective, broad-spectrum intestinal wormer is an integral component of any such program.

From the time a puppy is born, it is at risk of internal parasite-related issues, ranging from poor health and a dull coat to more serious issues such as diarrhoea, anaemia and weight loss. Parasites can also infect your client’s family, particularly children, potentially causing disease of organs such as the eyes, liver, lungs
and brain.

With an ever-increasing, complex array of parasite-control products on the market, from top spots to chews and tablets, the need for a simple regime to follow with quality and reliable products is more important than ever.

Client education is important. Helping your clients navigate the minefield that is parasite control reduces confusion, increases compliance and aids in an effective program.

parasite controlPopantel® F Allwormer provides your clients with a quality yet simple intestinal wormer component for your recommended control program.

Clinics that choose Popantel F as their preferred allwormer receive in-clinic support materials to not only initiate the worming discussion, but also aid in compliance.

Along with the in-clinic support materials, clinics also receive premium puppy packs when ordering either the 10kg or the 35kg bulk Popantel F. Each puppy pack includes an educational brochure ‘Protect Your Pet and Your Family’, a 10kg Popantel F tablet and a high-quality dog lead, all packaged neatly in a premium-quality treat/training pouch.

Popantel F contains the proven and trusted combination of Febantel, Pyrantel and Praziquantel, giving you the confidence that comes with providing your clients with the best protection for their pets.

parasite controlPopantel F Allwormer features:

  • Efficacy against all susceptible species of internal parasites
  • Blister-packed tablets with zip-lock dispensing bags
  • Gentle on the stomach, so there is less chance of vomiting and gastric upset than with other wormers
  • Yeast flavour for easy dosing
  • Can be used in all dogs, including pregnant and lactating animals
  • Made with no beef, pork, or lamb proteins (which have been linked to skin allergies)
  • Made in world-class facilities by an Australian-owned company.

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