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Brad McCarthy, Parnell CEO

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Parnell has set the bar high with its new innovative plant in Sydney

Forward-thinking Parnell Pharmaceuticals manufactures sterile injectable products for animals and is capable to manufacture these for humans, and medicated chews for pets. Its new facility has the full range of approvals (FDA, EMA, APVMA and many others) and is dedicated to high-quality, stringently controlled manufacturing processes.

In January this year, Brad McCarthy was made CEO after a long career with Parnell. He joined the business as CFO in 2010 where he orchestrated the raising of over US$70 million in debt financing and an IPO in 2014. He also took on the role of chief operating officer in 2012 to facilitate the successful FDA approval of the manufacturing division.

“We are not range sellers at Parnell,” says McCarthy. “We are experts in three areas—reproduction, mobility and manufacturing. We are also very successful in all three areas.”

A lack of reproduction is one of the greatest causes of economic loss on a dairy farm. If a cow’s not in calf, she won’t be milking and the owners are unable to get a return on that asset. “At Parnell, we employ reproductive experts, many with artificial insemination backgrounds, to help farmers, producers and veterinarians get a better reproductive outcome,” says McCarthy. “Their expertise is complemented by our reproductive products, GONAbreed® and estroPLAN®, and our business intelligence tool, mySYNCH®.”

Parnell are also experts in osteoarthritis in companion animals and how it affects mobility. Two of their products have had success improving the quality of life of afflicted animals. GLYDE is a chewable treat that can be given every day. ZYDAX is a set of four injections administered by a vet. Together Zydax and Glyde form Parnell’s DUAL JOINT CARE mobility program which is the “Gold Standard” for osteoarthritis protection and restoring youthful mobility in your patients.

The manufacturing arm of Parnell is creating a range of sterile injectables along with treats and chewable products. Its new facility also has approval for the manufacture of highly potent actives under an aseptic process. Additionally, Parnell has embarked on contract manufacturing out of its facility.

“There are few facilities in Australia focused on providing contract manufacturing opportunities for animal health for the global market, especially with FDA & EMEA approvals,” says McCarthy. “We can manufacture a batch from 10 litres up to 1000 litres and are very open to talking with veterinarians or people who have products in development or as a concept.”

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