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This has been a difficult time for all of us. At VetPartners we are very proud of our practice teams on responding to the pandemic. We want to let veterinary owners know that we are still talking to vendors who may be looking to sell and wanting some support in these uncertain times.

Across our network, we have seen the first-hand disruptions faced by our practices across the country due to COVID-19 restrictions. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to the super resilient teams who have adapted to new ways of delivering excellent pet care day in day out during this time.

Dr. Michael Sames from Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital tells us about his partnership and journey with VetPartners.

How has VetPartners helped your practice since selling? 

“VetPartners have enhanced the services that we are offering. We grew 10% in the first 12 months of joining VetPartners. We know if there is a problem at our practice, there are teams to take care of it for us. It allows my team to go about their day to day work without worrying about not having expertise in certain areas.”  

Selling your practice is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you make – it’s your life’s work. What made you decide to choose VetPartners?

“After three of the four partners decided to leave, I couldn’t afford to buy the whole practice by myself and decided to form a new partnership with VetPartners. The negotiation and discussions that I had with the VetPartners team were open, amicable, and very honest; it was a very easy process.”

Is your practice different since selling to VetPartners?

“It is 100% the same, and our brand has not changed at all. We have both approached the acquisition as a partnership, and it has been easy at the same time. VetPartners haven’t changed our approach to medicine, they have let us be who we are as a clinic, they’ve listened to us and asked us how they can help.”

What would you say to other vendors contemplating a sell?

“During the process of selling everybody at VetPartners was helping us at the drop of a hat, and no-one promised anything that they did not deliver. At no time did I feel the hospital and staff were going to be changed, or medicine or surgery would be compromised.”

How has partnering with VetPartners improved your life, and what are you now doing differently?

“I am now able to enjoy a 38-hour workweek which allows for more time to with my children, their sports and other interests without feeling the need to come in and do extra hours and days as the boss. I now get to enjoy doing what I love as a vet while mentoring and looking out for the younger members of the team as well as taking care of new vets who are coming through.”

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