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Most weekends you’ll find Lucie Kantor VN, of Avondale Heights Veterinary Hospital in Victoria, at her local BMX track. 

“I started riding BMX as a way to share a sport with my partner. He gave me one of his old heavy bikes and took me out to the track. We rode around for a while and practised going over a few small bumps. Then we went to the start hill that’s quite high off the ground.

“You pick up a lot of speed riding down the start hill and the first jump was so steep, I came to a complete stop. It looked like a wall. There was no way I was going to ride over it. I didn’t want to get killed or injured.

“I’ve improved a lot since then. We joined the Wyndham Warriors BMX Club and in 2017 the Victorian titles were held there. That motivated me to start training and I entered into a competition. I placed third in my age category.

“BMX is all about you. Unlike team sports, if you’re not good enough, you’re not dragging everybody down. I really like being out in the fresh air, riding my BMX bike and being part of the community. BMX clubs and races are run and organised by volunteers.

“I’m at the club most weekends as I like riding around the track. A lot of the riders are very skilled and love the competition. I like to take it easy and enjoy the experience without the fear of injury. When I’m not racing, I officiate at the races. 

“BMX racing can be a very affordable sport. You can buy a second-hand bike and helmet and you’re good to go. When the members are not training, anyone can ride a track; you don’t have to be a member. Of course, at a professional level the equipment is high quality and priced accordingly.

“BMX is a very welcoming sport that’s open to everybody. We have whole families who are members. There are also riders aged over 50 who are much better at BMX racing than me. It really deserves to be supported by authorities and councils as it prevents kids from being bored and, in the worst case, following the wrong life path. 

“BMX appeals to me on many levels. It’s an outside sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Skill levels in BMX racing vary from casual riders to professionals who compete around the world. There are no restrictions and it’s a lot of fun. Each weekend, I can’t wait to get out on the track. See you there!”


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