On the cusp of a breakthrough


Melbourne based biotechnology company Biotempus has made a remarkable discovery: cancer patients’ [both canine and human] immune systems run on a cycle and thus delivering treatment at the wrong times could be reducing the efficacy. Dr Noam Pik, the general manager at ASAP Laboratory, explained they hypothesised that a seven-day cycle was the key to the efficacy of treatment by building on previous medical research.

“This discovery was made by Martin Ashdown while investigating AIDS with mice after noticing some responded better to the same treatment at different times post inoculation,” said Dr Pik. “This lead to the hypothesis that the immune system operates differently in the time domain. That is, at certain times it is more effective at eliminating disease.”

ASAP Laboratory has already had success with a pilot program for canines, where treatment of three dogs saw two favourable responses. Veterinarians measure C-reactive protein cycles in canine cancer patients then administer “Cyclophosphamide as an immunotherapeutic agent using its ability to kill rapidly dividing cells. This timed-approach will be targeting t-regulatory lymphocytes at the exact time they are dividing.”

Dr Pik announced that the next clinical trial will be open to vets across Australia. “Veterinarians have a real opportunity here to help support and be involved first hand in cancer research in a meaningful way. We can work with real patients and offer a valid alternative to euthanasia that could make a real deference in terms of patient outcomes, but also in terms of understanding the intricate interaction of cancer and the immune system.

“Most cancer research is done in the laboratory by pharmaceutical companies far removed from our day to day life, offering primary care veterinarians a way to be there at the cutting edge is a wonderful thing for our industry, for our clients, patients and for humanity.”

If you would like your practice to be considered for the upcoming clinical trial, click here



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