Olympus BH-2 (BHS) microscope

by Dr Philip Macpherson, Wooloowin Animal Hospital, QLD 

This Olympus microscope is a wonderful piece of equipment that really helps make my working day easier and more efficient.

What’s good about it

A lot of other microscopes are often murky when you look through the eyepieces. This one is bright and the image is very clear. The binocular eyepieces are also very comfortable to look through.
I use this microscope multiple times a day to look at everything from unusual lumps and skin lesions to urinary tract infections.

The microscope has an attached camera that can be used to show clients exactly what’s wrong with their animal. It can also be used to take a photo when further research is required or to email a specialist.

Older microscopes often have a light that has a yellowish hue. The light on the Olympus is a nice clean white that illuminates beautifully.

What’s not so good

Some of the lenses get murky and need cleaning. It can also be a little temperamental. A microscope technician informed us that when the microscope is first turned on, the dimmer has to be on the lowest setting and then turned up slowly to preserve the bulbs.

Where did you get it

One of our clients is a microscope technician with Optifix Microscope Services (Ph: 0411 260 559). We had a really old microscope at the time, and he decided to set us up with a new one as thanks for our help with his two Miniature Poodles.

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