Australian vets best in show


Aussie vets best in show at OIE evaluation

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) evaluated Australia’s veterinary services and found them to be top notch for both animal health and biosecurity.

Australia’s OIE evaluation was the first to be done in a highly developed country and the results were excellent. The Australian veterinary industry hit the highest competency level for all most all of the criteria evaluated.

“The report confirms Australia’s reputation for supplying premium food and fibre to domestic and international markets and will enhance market opportunities into the future,” said Peter Milne the Animal Health Australia (AHA) chairman.

“AHA congratulates the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for their leadership in requesting this evaluation and thanks the jurisdictions and the Commonwealth as well as industry for their constructive participation in the evaluation process.”

While Milne was pleased with the results of the OIE evaluation, he also cautioned the industry not to take them for granted, calling for a concerted effort to keep standards high.

“The challenge for all of us working in the biosecurity space is not to become complacent because of the overall positivity of this report. Amongst the many positives, the report does highlight areas of concern in the provision of veterinary services in Australia, including staffing and funding issues and provided suggestions to deal with any issues raised,” said Milne.

“Governments in Australia—often with industry participation—are already working to address many of the issues in the evaluation, often as a result of their own earlier reviews. Thorough consideration of the recommendations and resulting actions coming out of the OIE process will complement existing efforts to improve biosecurity services in a challenging financial environment.”




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