NVC’s Veterinary Training Centres provide practical training opportunities for the entire veterinary industry

NVC Veterinary Training Centre
Latest equipment improves students’ technical skills.

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The National Veterinary Care (NVC) Veterinary Training Centres provide a tool for the entire veterinary industry to keep their practical skills up to date as the profession changes and progresses. 

To cultivate the knowledge and confidence that is integral in this industry, veterinary professionals can access this training across Australia and, in the near future, in New Zealand. Located in Queensland and Victoria, the training facilities are purpose-built with state-of-the-art wet labs and equipment, providing the ultimate learning environment. Practical training is available in every workshop for both vets and vet nurses. 

Through advances in technology and the development of innovative equipment, the reputation and quality of care that vets and vet nurses pride themselves on have been transformed. The responsibility is now on the professionals, working daily in the clinic environment, to ensure they do not fall behind from the inability to adapt and learn about the new techniques that are constantly evolving.

The soon-to-be-launched 2019 workshop program will cover various topics that includes: Behaviour, Clinical Skills, Dentistry, Dermatology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology, Soft Tissue Surgery, Ultrasound, Anaesthesia, Emergency & Critical Care and Nurse Consultation & Nutrition. With this, the NVC Veterinary Training Centres provide all practitioners with the opportunity to improve their skills and ensure that they are working at the highest veterinary standard. An important aspect to note is that every workshop includes a CPD value for veterinarians. 

All educators are leaders in their chosen field and have been carefully appointed so that workshop participants get the best training experience possible. The small class sizes create the exclusive opportunity for one-on-one tuition with educators. This guarantees all participants can confidently practice and grow to master their advanced skills. 

NVC Veterinary Training Centre
Workshops include a CPD value for veterinarians.

Dr Andrew Lobb BSc, BHlthSc (Hons), BVSc (Hons) has attended several Veterinary Training Centre workshops this year. He highlights the relevance of the sessions. These workshops successfully fill a gap that is sadly seen throughout the industry, to the most important part of the prosperity of all professionals, the training.

“The NVC Veterinary Training Centre has been instrumental in my progress and development as a veterinarian. The courses have been able to augment my existing skills and knowledge and expand them further than I initially appreciated. The courses are delivered by experts and specialists with both wet lab with hands-on time and complimentary lectures. The demonstrators are there directly coaching me in a small group but also often 1:1,” says Dr Lobb. 

“What has been truly remarkable is that the thoughtfully structured courses mean I have been able to take the things I have been taught and apply them directly into the care I provide in our clinics. 

“Confidence in my skill of dentistry has been increased with the support of NVC Veterinary Training Centre courses. I am delivering the most up-to-date techniques and care for the patients in our clinics. I have also been able to acquire new skills in ultrasonography which expands our auxiliary diagnostic services to our clients. Attending these courses also sparks the excitement of new knowledge in the clinic and opens discussion about improving and growing as a team.

“The courses help reinforce and reinvigorate that passion I have about practising gold standards of evidence-based veterinary medicine and makes me positive about my career profession with NVC,” says Dr Lobb 

For more information on the NVC Veterinary Training Centre, visit nvcvets.com.au or email training@nvcltd.com.au 


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