Niki infusion pump V4


11-26121_800_800_141218120159_PPReview by Tania O’Neill, Highton Veterinary Clinic, Highton, VIC

This pump infuses fluids, such as saline or Hartmann’s, into an animal’s veins. Every animal going into surgery or receiving dental work automatically goes on intravenous fluids so the pump gets plenty of use.

What’s good about it The great thing about this pump is that you can choose how much fluid to give to the animal in a particular timeframe. For example, if we want to replace a dog’s dehydration deficit quickly, we can choose to use a higher fluid rate for the first two hours. An alarm will then sound so we can reduce the fluid rate. It will also record how much fluid the animal has received in the preceding 24 hours. This is a much better system compared to how we administered fluids in the past. Previously, a bag would be attached via an IV line and you had to count how many drips fell per minute to work out the rate. This pump does all the calculations automatically and is much more accurate. We also use it in various ways for our hospital patients. We treat constipation and dehydration with fluids administered by this pump. We recently had a dog that was a bit bombed from pre-meds after surgery so we left it on fluids to flush out those pre-meds. It also has an audible alarm if there are any problems like air in the line, the battery going flat, fluid getting low or if it’s
not plugged in. It’s almost impossible for anything to go seriously wrong.

What’s not so good If the power should go out and the batteries are flat, the pump is useless. In that situation, you would have to go back to the old manual style.

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