New ultrasound platforms


DSC_0650_Edit_v02_With_Line_High_Res_PPEsaote, one of the world’s leading companies in veterinary MRI and ultrasound imaging, launched two new ultrasound platforms for veterinarians at the 40th World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.

The complete and compact MyLabTMGamma and MyLabTMSix, along with the top performance and specialist MyLabTMAlpha and MyLabTMSeven platform, complete Esaote’s veterinary ultrasound product line. Both platforms facilitate imaging examinations for small animals, equine, farm animals and exotics.

Each platform offers a console and a portable system to suit the varied and complex needs of veterinarians. The MyLabTMSix and MyLabTMSeven are cart based, created for in-practice use and designed to meet increasing demand from veterinarians, clinics and group practices wishing to offer high-quality ultrasound services.

The MyLabTMGamma and MyLabTMAlpha are lightweight and portable, enabling scanning in any environment—providing clinical excellence and flexibility for the veterinarian, the animal owner and the animal.

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